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How to get to Walkabout Wildlife Park


  Street Address

Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

1 Darkinjung Road, Calga NSW 2250

  Google Maps - how to find us

Note Walkabout Park is NOT the same place as the Reptile Park in Somersby, although they appear to be quite close on the map.

Walkabout Park is 12km south of the Reptile Park, 15 minutes closer to Sydney, just off the M1 Motorway at Calga.

Click here to use Google Maps to find Walkabout Park

 Tips for using Google Maps

  • Walkabout Park is labelled on the map.
  • Type in your address and click on "Get Directions" for detailed driving instructions including distances and times.
  • On the map, click on the plus (+) sign to zoom in and the minus (-) sign to zoom out. Or just double click with your left mouse button to zoom in, and double click with your right mouse button to zoom out.
  • Click on the map and, while holding down your right mouse key, drag the map around so that you can see all the surrounding areas.

  Car - quick directions

Always go left

Walkabout Park is just a few hundred meters off the M1 Pacific Motorway.

The Calga Interchange is SOUTH of the Gosford exit (closer to Sydney) - this exit is between the Gosford and Mount White exits.

Exit LEFT off the M1 Pacific Motorway at the "Calga Interchange".

Go LEFT whenever the road forks or bends.

As soon as the road straightens out, look for our sign on your LEFT.

  Car - tips to not get lost

Navigation Tips

The old "F3" Sydney-Newcastle Motorway has been renamed the M1 Pacific Motorway.

Sometimes people confuse the Pacific Motorway and the Pacific Highway. The Pacific Motorway is the fast intercity route. The Pacific Highway, on the otherhand, is the slow but beautiful scenic touring route. The directions we give here are for the M1 Motorway (NOT Highway).

The address to put in your GPS is 1 Darkinjung Road Calga.

Be careful with your GPS as it may take you on a long detour - some GPS systems will direct you via the Somersby exit which will get you here but is NOT the quickest route. See next paragraph for what to watch out for. 

There are TWO Peats Ridge Road exits off the M1 Pacific Motorway. The better known one is north of Gosford called the "Somersby Interchange". There is another lesser known exit south of Gosford (between Gosford and Mt White) called the "Calga Interchange". The quickest way to get to Walkabout Park is to use the Calga Interchange. If you use the Somersby Interchange you will find yourself on an approximately 30km long tourist drive which is very pleasant, but long and winding and sometimes confusing.

Do NOT follow the Reptile Park signs or the yellow dinosaur or go to Old Sydney Town. Walkabout Park is a different place.

DO take the Calga Interchange exit of the M1 Pacific Motorway.

If you are driving north along the M1, the Calga Interchange is very straightforward. We are only about 200 meters off the Motorway so don't miss our sign. If you get to the Calga Sand Quarry or to Glenworth Valley you have gone too far.

If you are driving south along the M1 (ie driving towards Sydney) the interchange can be confusing. It winds round and round and then straightens out with signs saying to Sydney and Newcastle and a 'ramp speed 40' sign at which point it feels like you are getting back onto the Motorway. Don't worry. You're not. Keep driving and the road will straighten out onto Peats Ridge Road ... our sign is only about 150 meters further on on your left.

  Car - simplified driving map

Map to Walkabout Park copy

  Car - Gosford (15 min), Somersby (15 min), Newcastle (55 min)

Walkabout Park is situated south of gosford

When coming from Gosford up Kariong Hill, do NOT follow the Reptile Park signs, do NOT turn north towards Somersby, DO follow the Sydney signs and get onto the M1 Motorway travelling SOUTH.

When coming from futher north than Gosford and driving towards Sydney, do NOT take the Somersby Peats Ridge exit, and do NOT exit the Motorway when you see the Reptile Signs.

Stay on the M1 and drive right past (don't take) the Gosford and Australian Reptile Park turn-off.

Travel another 4 minutes south towards Sydney until you get to the Calga Interchange.

Get onto the M1 Pacific Motorway

  • Drive south towards Sydney
  • Cross the Mooney River Bridge
  • Then watch for the big brown tourist sign saying Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park
  • Take the next exit, the Calga Interchange (the second exit sign-posted "Peats Ridge")
  • Wind your way around the interchange for about ½ km following the signs saying Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park
  • As you pass a "Sydney/ Newcastle" and a "ramp speed 40" sign, it will feel like you're going back onto the M1. Don't worry, you're not! You are still on the correct route
  • The interchange eventually straightens out into the very southernmost end of Peats Ridge Road
  • 200m along on the left on Peats Ridge Road is a sign saying Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park
  • Turn left into Darkinjung Road
  • Turn left into our drive and drive in through the gate with the animals painted on it

  Car - Hornsby (25 min), Sydney Harbour Bridge (55 min)

On the northern outskirts of Sydney

Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park is 'less than an hour's drive from almost anywhere', in the middle of the triangle between the Sydney CBD in the South, Newcastle in the North and the Blue Mountains in the West.

Walkabout Park is just off the M1 Pacific Motorway between Hornsby and Gosford, on Peats Ridge Road.


  • There are two Peats Ridge Road exits off the M1 Pacific Motorway
  • Do NOT take the northern Peats Ridge exit called the "Somersby Interchange"

Walkabout Park is at the southernmost end of Peats Ridge Rd, at the Calga Interchange which is the third exit from the M1 after you cross the Hawkesbury River when travelling north.

Follow the Newcastle signs along the Pacific Highway and onto the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga

  • Drive north towards Newcastle
  • Cross the Hawkesbury River
  • Don't take first exit to Mooney Mooney on the Hawkesbury River
  • Don't take second exit to Mt White
  • Drive past the heavy vehicle checking station
  • Then watch for the brown Aust Walkabout Wildlife Park sign
  • DO take the third exit, the Calga Interchange and Tourist Route
  • Keep left as the interchange straightens out into Peats Ridge Road
  • 200m along on the left on Peats Ridge Road is a sign saying Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park
  • Turn left into Darkinjung Road
  • Turn left into our drive and drive in through the gate with the animals painted on it

  Public Transport - Train to Gosford PLUS Taxi to Calga

Taking Public Transport

Train + Taxi

There are no buses to Walkabout Park.

Take the train to Gosford Station. The time from Central Station to Gosford Station is approximately 2 hours as the train meanders through the mountains and across the Hawkesbury River past the oyster farms.

Catch a taxi from Gosford Station to Walkabout Park. Give the driver the "driving directions" and "tips to not get lost" (see "Getting to Walkabout Park by car" above).

Be aware the taxi may charge for a return trip because they may have to drive back to Gosford without a passenger. This makes the taxi trip quite expensive - more than $45 each way.

  Helicopter - Sydney Heli Tours

Wildlife Heli-Safari


Experience the wonders of Australia as you fly over the harbour bridge and then track north past Manly Beach and along the coast.

You then will see Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park from the air - so come on down for a private guided walkabout wildlife safari.

You can pat the friendly kangaroos and enjoy our unique wildlife up close as you walk along the bush tracks learning about bush tucker and bush medicine along the way.

After the wildlife tour the helicopter flight departs with a scenic fly-over of the Hawkesbury River and Berowra.

This tour is offered by Sydney Heli Tours. Follow this link to their website: 

Sydney Heli Tours Aussie Bush and Wildlife Day Trip 

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