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Map of the Park & Guides


You can download your "Visitor Information" guides and maps here

Before you visit Walkabout Park, it is a good idea to download your visitor information guides and maps and bring them with you. The information they contain is really useful and, reading it before your arrive, you can plan how to get the most out of your visit.

Park Map

Click to download a Park Map

This map shows you all the tracks of the park and gives you an idea of what you will see along the route, how long it will take to walk each of the tracks, the conditions of the tracks and the level of fitness required.

The Animal Loop Walk

10 minutes if you close your eyes and don't talk to the animals, but once you stop to say "Hi" to the creatures you meet, it can take you anything from 30 minutes to 8 hours!

This is the area close to the Visitor Centre where the animal camps are situated, and where most of the free-ranging animals are likely to be found. The map names the different species that you are likely to see. Remember that many Australian animals do sleep for much of the day. The nocturnal animals, like the Tasmanian devils, Eastern quolls and wombats do wake up at their feeding times. Do check the schedule of daily ranger activities so that you can plan your visit and meet your favourite animals.

The Aboriginal Sites Walk

Approximately 45 minutes - not suitable for prams or wheelchairs.

This walk takes you past ancient petroglyph sites and to the hand stencil cave dated at more than 4,000 years old. The Guringai and Darkinjung mobs are the traditional custodians of this area and many different mobs' songlines came through Calga. There is so much culture and history written into the landscape by these original people of Australia. Please be respectful of these sites. They have huge cultural value, not only for their historical interest but, more importantly, for Aboriginal people today.

The Mt White Lookout Walk

Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes - not suitable for prams or wheelchairs.

This walk does not go all the way to Mt White. It does take you to the highest point on the ridgeline where you can look South and see Mt White. On a clear day, you can see the blue line of the Blue Mountains to the South West. The tracks are rugged in places and take you through the bush and sandstone outcrops. You can't get lost although at times you may feel that you are a million miles from anyone. Keep walking and the tracks will eventually loop around and bring you back to the Visitor Centre.

Visitor Guide

Click to download Visitor and Safety Information

Essential reading for anyone visiting Walkabout Park!

Please follow these easy rules like "don't touch a kangaroo on the head or neck, but they do love a back massage". The information in this guide is very important for all visitors, both adults and children. Although we have tried to write it in a way that is easy to read and easy to follow, if you do need more guidance, please ask one of the Walkabout Park team. You can anticipate the truely wonderful experience of going into the animals' world to meet the friendliest wild animals in Australia. But do remember, any animal that is frightened might bite or scratch. We do not have incidents at Walkabout Park, but this is probably because we give every visitor this important information on how to not scare the animals.

Never feed the Wildlife

You can feed the alpacas, goats and guinea pigs.

We know that many zoos do let you hand feed their animals, but Walkabout Park is not a zoo. Walkabout Park is a working wildlife sanctuary. This easy to follow guide answers your questions about why it is very important that you never feed the wildlife at Walkabout Park.

Do not damage the Aboriginal sites

Please be respectful of these ancient sites.

This guide contains just a little bit of information about each of the Aboriginal sites that you can visit at Walkabout Park. If you would like a deeper insite into the meaning and significance of the heritage sites at Walkabout Park, you may want to engage a Personal Ranger for a couple of hours (or longer) to take you up to the sites and explain their relationships with each other and the greater Cultural Landscape across Calga.

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