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Personal Ranger Hire

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A great way to meet the wildlife or experience the bush.


Personal Ranger Hire


These rates are in addition to your Gate Entry or Wild Sleep Out fee.

For Personal Ranger Hire, add $160 per hour for the first person. If you would like your friends to join you, you can add extra people for $40 each.


Pre-booking is usually required. However, if you want your own ranger and you haven't pre-booked, ask us. Depending on their workload on the day, there may be a ranger available.


Fitness level - You choose your level of exertion

Because you have your own ranger, you can set the pace.

For a very leisurely experience, you can relax at the visitor centre and have your ranger bring the experience to you.

For the more adventurous, you can "go bush" with your ranger off the tracks.

Or you can settle for something in between such as an easy bush walk along the bush tracks, or a behind-the-scenes tour with some of the animals.

Design your own experience - Here are some suggestions, but feel free to ask for something different

Spikes, scales, feathers and fur. An up-close-and-personal encounter with your favourite animal(s). Your Personal Ranger Hire does not include time with Tasmanian Devils or Meerkats. Encounters with these animals must be booked separately.

Bush tucker and bush medicine. Incorporates Aboriginal lessons from the bush.

Aboriginal sites visit. Learn from the sites that the original Austrlalians left written on the rocks.

Bush tools. Throw a boomerang, sound the bullroarer and handle various indigenous tools.

Go off the tracks into the bush. Visitors are not allowed to wander off the paths unless with a ranger to guide them and keep them safe.

How much can you fit in? - These are recommended time requirements

Behind the scenes with four to six different animals (excludes Tasmanian Devils and Meerkats) - 1 hour

Boomerang throwing and a personal introduction to the free-ranging kangaroos and emus - ½ hour

Bush tucker and bush medicine walkabout - ½ hour

Exploring the bush 'off the tracks' - 1½ hours

Aboriginal sites visit to the hand stencil cave and petroglyphs, plus bush tucker and bush medicine on the way there - 1½ hours

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