Bush Tucker and Bush Medicine Workshops

The rangers at Walkabout Park can take you on a bush tucker and bush medicine walkabout. Follow the tracks past ancient Aboriginal sites, accompanied by friendly inquisitive wildlife, learning about traditional harvesting along the way.

Walkabout Park is the only place in NSW where you can experience the real Australian bush, ancient Aboriginal sites, friendly wildlife, weed-free with no introduced predators like foxes and feral cats and dogs, and with knowledgable rangers on hand to introduce you to the bush and the animals. Step back in time to the time of the ancestors, where traditional teachings determined people’s relationship with Country, and people lived sustainably with nature.

The rangers can share knowledge about bush tucker and bush medicine and bush tools with you. This knowledge has been entrusted to the team by traditional knowledgeholders, and the team has been given permission to share it with you. Learn about different kinds of food from fruits and roots to termites and honey, where to find water in a parched landscape, the medicinal healing properties of  plants, and how to select and use materials to make tools.

The Walkabout Park Experience

Over the years, visitors to Walkabout Park regularly name the bush tucker tour as the highlight. Many new visitors tell us that they came to the park because friends told them about how the rangers took them walkabout to learn about the bush. You don’t have to go to “The Top End” or to far north Queensland or to “The Outback” to learn Aboriginal bush skills. You can experience them right here, less than an hour from Sydney.

This 80 acre sanctuary has been fox proofed so that its resident koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, emus, reptiles and more can live safely in the bush the way they did before European settlement.

Bush Tucker & Bush Medicine

Traditional Harvesting

Today we follow “harvest trails” to learn where our food comes from. At Walkabout Park we teach you about traditional harvesting. Aboriginal people have been getting everything they need from the bush for tens of thousands of years. Australia’s original people not only new how to harvest sustainably, but also used their ancient knowledge to manage the bush so that they could find what they needed when they needed it.