Aboriginal Cultural Dance

Aboriginal culture is alive and thriving. More and more Aboriginal people are reconnecting with Country and actively practising their traditions. These traditions teach so many lessons relevant to contemporary Australian society, about sustainable living in harmony with nature. These inclusive traditions teach us about tolerance and acceptance which is so important in the world today.

Reviving ancient traditions

Many people question whether Aboriginal people still practice their traditions, and believe that Aboriginal culture is only about what’s in the history books. Many people assume that Aboriginal culture died out when Europeans arrived in Australia and brought disease and devastation to the original people of the Australian continent.

The reality is quite the opposite. Ancient indigenous teachings are just as relevant today as they have always been, and stories and teachings have continued to be handed down through the generations. Yes, it is true that many stories have been lost, but as Aboriginal people reconnect with each other and with Country, the stories that have survived and been handed down in families are actively being shared. People are finding their Place and rediscovering their traditions.

The wonder of these ancient traditions is that they were born of the Australian continent and teach about living on this wonderful land with our unique and perfectly evolved animals and bush. Both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people need to learn these stories so that we can be properly instructed in sustainable living.

Dance and Culture Workshops

Walkabout Park hosts YadhaMayi dance workshops from time to time. Walkabout Park supports the work of Nigel Millgate who founded YadhaMayi Aboriginal Cultural Services. YadhaMayi does magnificent work, running dance and cultural workshops across Australia.

Traditional Dance

Dance has been part of traditional story telling for thousands of year. Aboriginal traditional dance is so much more than an art form, and Aboriginal story telling is so much more than entertainment. The stories of the Dreaming are the stories of the lore, teaching people how to live in harmony with each other and the world around them, and instructing people on their individual and collective natural and social responsibilities.