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Group Programs

For group program ideas, look under the "Visitor Info", "Education" and "Groups" tabs at the top of any page. We have programs designed for most groups.

We can tailor a program just for you if you would like something different.

Tell us about your group, and we will put together a program for you.

Send an email to...

Tell us...

  1. Date or approximate date of visit
  2. Whether it will be a weekday or weekend
  3. Name of organisation if applicable
  4. Name of your agency if you are an agent
  5. Name of person who we should deal with
  6. Mobile phone number
  7. Landline phone number
  8. Email address
  9. Number of adults
  10. Number of children
  11. Special occasion if applicable
  12. Special interest areas
  13. Any special needs
  14. Whether you just want gate entry, or your own ranger
  15. Expected arrival time
  16. Expected departure time
  17. How much of this time you would like ranger-led activities
  18. Whether catering is required


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