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Snake and Spider Safety in the Workplace


If you have employees who work outside in an environment where they are likely to encounter snakes or spiders, this is a great introductory workshop.

Why Snake and Spider training is important

Spiders and snakes in the workplace can be a source of both fear and danger.

Key to overcoming this fear and avoiding danger is to understand these creatures.

The Walkabout Park seminar on Snakes and Spiders in the Workplace is a great, non-confrontational way to prepare your people and reduce this risk.

The workshop takes a cheerful approach to a serious, and sometimes scary, subject. It is fun and interactive, but most of all it will leave the team with very important insights on how to be safe around snakes and spiders.

Dealing with Snake and Spider phobias

If any of your people have a phobia about spiders or snakes, talk to us. We have great success in working with people with animal phobias. Overcoming this fear is important as fear can prevent a person from acting safely. A short "pre-" or "post-" workshop extension is usually all that is necessary to assist people with phobias to respond approriately to the situation.

Course content

Meet some interesting non-venomous reptiles - snakes, lizards and turtles.
Observe them and get to understand how they sense and respond to people.
Compare the features that distinguish between harmless and potentially dangerous snakes and spiders.
Discuss where they are likely to be found and how to avoid them.
Practice techniques for how to stay safe it you do encounter one.
Understand the different effects of bites from the various species.
Learn what to do in the (very) unlikely event of a bite - practical first aid and emergency action.

Workplace Workshop ~ Pricing

2 to 3 hours
Up to 15 people
flat rate
16 or more people
per person

For workplaces more than 60km from Walkabout Park a travel surcharge may apply

For more information:
Ph: (02) 4375 1100
Email: .


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