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    Veterinary Internships & Service Programs

    If you are looking for a practical placement to get the experience you need for your professional development...

    Two options - "General Internship" or "Veterinary Service Program"

    General Internships:

    Walkabout Park offers general internships to veterinary students all year round. These internships are volunteer positions working alongside the rangers, learning how to work with the animals at Walkabout Park. A valuable learning outcome for future vets is gaining experience with normal healthy animals and their natural habitat. Because Walkabout Park is home to so many animals, health issues do arise from time to time. Health issues that you will see may be due to aging, or residual disability after rescue and rehabilitation, or injury, or mating and reproduction, or disease. However, most of the time you will be working with healthy animals.

    "Loop Abroad" Veterinary Service Programs:

    Walkabout Park and Loop Abroad are separate unrelated organisations, but with similar goals and ideals. Walkabout Park partners with Loop Abroad to run 2-week residential programs at Walkabout Park for veterinary students and other adults interested in veterinary medicine. Programs have a Loop Abroad veterinarian (DVM) trip leader, and classroom and field work. Courses are scheduled to run in May and June.

    Loop Abroad's Mission Statement

    Loop Abroad is a student travel organization that began with a singular focus: Provide hands-on learning experiences for students pursuing a career working with animals. We’ve done this by partnering with world-renowned conservationists in their efforts to protect endangered animals. While our programs and geography have expanded, we remain committed to global animal welfare. Our mission is to make a positive impact on animal welfare and wildlife conservation around the world by partnering with responsible, local organizations to support them in their efforts while at the same time offering our students unprecedented opportunities for hands-on learning across all programs. Moreover, we are proud to offer a wide-range of ethical and responsible travel programs to students who share our commitment to furthering the cause for animal rights and respect for all living things. As we pursue our mission, we strive to follow the Standards of Good Practice set out by the Forum on Education Abroad, which is recognized as the US Standards Development Organization for the field.

    Loop Abroad Veterinary Services Programs in Australia

    Payment in US Dollars

    The Loop Abroad program is priced in US dollars, not Australian dollars.

    Travel from countries other than the US

    Loop Abroad organises group flights from the US for US participants.
    Participants from Australia and other countries book their own flights.


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