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    The Wollemi Pine


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    The Wollemi Pine

    The Wollemi Pine was presumed extinct for 65 million years until it was rediscovered in the Blue Mountains in 1994. It catapulted the area into a World Heritage listing. Botanists were so excited as it was like stumbling across a living dinosaur.

    The colony discovered at the Blue Mountains is extremely remote and hard to access. The exact location remains a closely guarded secret for the wild Wollemi Pines but the Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park colony has been designed to replicate the original Blue Mountains site, on a rocky ridge facing north for preservation of these species in the light of climate change and bush fire.

    Wollemi Pines grow to a height of around 40-50 metres. It will take several years but, eventually, the dark emerald green foliage of the Walkabout Park colony will provide a spectacular vista from the M1 Motorway below the ridge.

    The Blue Mountains site has over just over 100 mature trees.

    In 2010 Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park proudly announced the planting of around 130 of these 200-million year old trees – a replication project initiated by Bankstown TAFE students with their teacher Darek Figa working at Walkabout Park, assisted by Planet Ark and National Tree Day's John Dee, and sponsored by Bayer Corporation. The commitment and effort put in by everyone was indicative of the significant outcome of Australians in education, conservation and industry working together to ensure the preservation of our heritage for future generations. The planting of the trees at the park, with sizes varying from 10cm to 3 metres high, exceeds the current number growing in the wild.

    The word Wollemi comes from an Aboriginal word meaning "Stop! Look around You". 

    This reflects the mission of the Walkabout Park team. In 2010 the Walkabout Park team planted the largest Wollemi Pine colony in Australia, right here at Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park. The project was undertaken in assistance from students of the Bankstown TAFE and in partnership with UNEP and Planet Ark, consistent with the objective to preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy and appreciate. It is hard to get these ancient trees to take hold and grow, but we are thrilled to have a few survivors growing big and strong, taking their place on the rocky outcrops below the sanctuary. 

    Bayer Corporation as part of its involvement in the United Nations Environment Program proudly sponsored the planting.

    Bayer staff assisted, digging holes alongside a team of students enrolled in the Certificate III in Captive Animals Course at Bankstown TAFE College.

    Australia Walkabout Park

    Wollemi-MacroAustralia Walkabout Wildlife Park's mission is to "Protect and Conserve Our Resources - Manage the Environment and Let the Animals Manage Themselves". With this magnificent stand of Wollemi's, this is one of the most unique and exclusive sanctuaries of Australia.

    Protected by a 1.8 metre high electric fence that surrounds 80 acres of the 170 acre park, we will continue to strive and preserve the environment where endangered animals and rare flora can thrive and flourish with proper management of the resources by the Walkabout Park team.

    Visitors to the park enter into a pristine world with all Walkabout Tours specially designed to ensure a "True Blue Australian Bush and Heritage Experience" fully guided by our park rangers with interactive experiences of bush tucker, bush medicine, Australian animals, and Aboriginal culture with sites dating back over 10,000 years and the opportunity to view one of the world's ancient living Fossil - the Wollemi Pine.

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