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Insects & Worms

Insects and worms play essential roles in the web of life. They are amazingly diverse groups of animals that have conquered almost every environment on earth. Explore the fascinating world of insects and worms.

* animals usually seen at Walkabout Park.
** animals usually seen on Wild Sleep Out programs.
*** animals that only live wild so might not be seen.

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Ants in Australia ~ The ant fauna of Australia is especially large and diverse. World-wide, there are 16 subfamilies, about 300 genera and 15,000 .... More

Leech Story Addison 7


Leeches in Australia ~ Leeches are worms. Our leeches are unique as they live on dry land. On other continents they only live in water.... More

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What's That Noise ! Cicadas are insects. There are more than 200 kinds of Australian cicadas. Adult cicadas live on trees, but before that they live under .... More

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Friend or Foe? The general form of cockroaches varies little, however their size can range from only a couple of millimetres in length up to .... More

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Fast and Furious ~ Dragonflies can fly extremely fast and are very agile. The maximum speed of large species is around 10-15 metres/sec or .... More

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Praying Mantis***

Praying mantises, or praying mantids, are carnivorous insects. There are about 2,000 different types of mantids. The biggest are over 15 cm long and .... More

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Stick Insects***

Leaf or Stick Insects ~ Phasmids (say faz-mid) are insects that look like sticks or leaves. These insects have developed many unusual shapes so that .... More

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