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    blue tongue lizard


    Reptiles are ectothermic, meaning that their body temperature varies with the outside temperature, they have scales and they reproduce either by laying eggs or giving birth to live young.


    * animals usually seen at Walkabout Park.
    ** animals usually seen on Wild Sleep Out programs.
    *** animals that only live wild so might not be seen.

    bearded dragon thmb

    Bearded Dragon*

    This yellow-brown dragon grows to approx. 50cm with a distinctive loose flap of skin that becomes erect when startled or threatened.... More

    blue tongue lizard thmb

    Blue Tongued Lizard*

    The Blue Tongued Lizard is a well-known Australian native animal. It is brown and black blotched on a cream body with usually a dark....More

    brown tree snake

    Brown Tree Snake***

    This snake is an aggressive species and will bite if even slightly threatened. This species is venomous. However, it is not considered .... More

    death adder thmb

    Death Adder***

    This snake is not actually in the adder family. It is more closely related to the Tiger Snake and Brown Snake families. It is uncommonly seen..... More

    diamond python thmb

    Diamond Python*

    This attractive python is dark brown to black in colour with cream to yellow irregular spots that sometimes take the shape of diamonds .... More

    tiger snake thmb

    Eastern Tiger Snake***

    This snake usually grows up to approx. 1.2-1.6m however they have been recorded at over 2m. The Eastern Tiger Snake is common.... More

    eastern water dragon thmb

    Eastern Water Dragon*

    Eastern Water Dragons are dark brown to light brown with mature males bearing a brighter orange chest. It is easy to recognise them by...More

    DSC 0149 goanna cropped


    Goanna is the name given to any of the various Australian monitor lizards of the genus Varanus as well as to certain species from Southeast Asia.... More

    red bellied snake thmb

    Red-Bellied Black Snake***

    The Red-bellied Black Snake is widespread on the coast and ranges of eastern Australia. It is one of the more common species of.... More

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