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    Spiders are ancient animals with a history going back many millions of years. They have always been with us, an ancient source of fear and fascination. They are abundant and widespread and are natural controllers of insect populations.

    *These animals live wild so might not be seen.

    huntsman thmb

    Common Huntsman Spider*

    Sydney Huntsman - Holconia Immanis ~ This species is one of Australia’s largest Huntsman measuring an astounding 45mm long and 160mm across .... More

    orb spider thmb

    Garden Orb-Weaving Spider*

    These spiders received their name from the wheel-web snares they make. The females build these snares relatively high to minimise damage .... More

    wolf spider thmb

    Garden Wolf Spider*

    If ever there was a pretty spider, this guy is it! This large spider is patterned in shades of orange/ brown, grey and black with bands on its carapace .... More

    leaf curling spider thmb

    Leaf-Curling Spider*

    Family Tetragnathidae ~ These spiders cleverly weave a leaf or other object into the centre of their webs as a hide-away from birds and other .... More

    redback spider thmb

    Redback Spider*

    The Redback is common throughout the mainland and in Tasmania, in all but the coldest alpine climates and the most hostile deserts .... More

    st andrew s cross spider thmb

    St Andrew’s Cross Spider*

    Family - Araneidae (Araneomorphae) ~ These spiders get their name from the shape of their web decorations, the white silk that .... More

    sydney funnel web thmb

    Sydney Funnel-Web Spider*

    These spiders are found not only in Sydney, as their name suggests, but have been found across New South Wales from the coast of Newcastle .... More

    white tailed spider thmb

    White-Tailed Spider*

    The white-tailed spider gets its name from the typical white spot on the tip of its abdomen. Its body, especially the male's, is long and narrow. .... More

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