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We need goods, equipment and materials


Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park does not receive any government assistance for operating costs. Privately owned, the park's operations are funded by visitors and the owners' savings. Sponsors, donations and volunteers make it possible for the Walkabout Park team to continue our conservation and education work. Walkabout Park is dependent on your support.

We keep the bush healthy for all the creatures that live in it, from this tiniest pygmy possum to the great kangaroos. We maintain natural camp enclosures for animals that need extra protection. We rehabilitate rescued wild orphans and other wildlife, and we care for animals that are sick or injured. We breed endangered animals alongside other institutions working together to reestablish populations to rescue them from extinction. We teach visitors Aboriginal lessons from the bush, from bush tucker and bush medicine, to ancient stories about the sites and their relationships in the cultural landscape.

Every donation received goes directly into fuelling this important conservation and education facility.

Equipment and Materials

You may have things lying around at home, or surplus stock in your business, that aren't useful to you but may be extremely useful for us. Donations or contributions 'at cost' will be gratefully appreciated. Right now, just some of the things we need include:

  • Mulcher
  • Trailer
  • Industrial water blaster
  • Fencing, gates and gate posts
  • Reinforced glass panels
  • Rakes, brooms, wheelbarrows and hand tools
  • Small power tools
  • Pet packs and animal transport boxes
  • Bird aviaries and small animal hutches
  • Garden tool sheds
  • Long hoses and hose fittings
  • Portable water tank

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