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International "Workaway" & Eco Volunteering

Volunteers make a difference!

At Walkabout Park we depend on the support of people, like you, who want to do something meaningful for conservation. Our resources are stretched. We do not have access to government funding for the conservation work that we do. We rely on the generosity of those who give their time and effort in a variety of activities which directly and indirectly support our conservation activities. Our volunteers make it possible for us to take care of our precious animals, our pristine bushland and significant cultural heritage sites.

Volunteering at Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park


Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park is a unique natural bush wildlife sanctuary.

Although it feels like we're in the middle of nowhere, nestled in true blue unspoiled Australian bush, the sanctuary is located only 55 minutes drive north from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and only 15 minutes from the Gosford train station.

International Internships

PROGRAM: Minimum 4 weeks and up to 6 months full-time. You can contact us directly or through an education travel agent. Please click on the VOLUNTEERS > INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIPS tab above. There are costs and an application process for this program.

International Eco Volunteering

PROGRAM: 1 or 2 week projects. Groups of 5 or more. You can contact us directly or through a 'Conservation Volunteers' or 'Eco-Tourism' organisation. The program is usually focussed on a number of finite projects such as fox-proof fence maintenance, path building, bush regeneration, building and refurnishing animal enclosures. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will give you a quote. There are costs and an application process for this program.

Workaway International Volunteers

Workaway volunteers are international travellers visiting Australia wanting to learn the language and experience the culture, who exchange their labour for accommodation and meals. There are no costs for Workawayers, but there is a selection process.

Workaway work is NOT hands-on with the animals, but instead is support work such as maintenance and cleaning. The details of Walkabout Park's Workaway program can be found on the Workaway website. If you are interested in working directly with the animals, you may be interested in our International Internship program (see above).


Click to the Workaway website 

Then look for "Help us in our Wildlife Park in Calga, Australia".
Here is what our first Workaway volunteer had to say about Walkabout Park: 
[Martin 07/06/2017] As the 1st Workawayer at the Park I'm proud to say that it was a great experience that I warmly recommend. Tassin and Gerald are used to host volunteers through other programmes and they have not only the custom of welcoming foreigners but also the whole appropriate infrastructure! I stayed at "Vollywood", a building dedicated to volunteers whith other ones, I had my own two-bed dorm and the food was included, plus with a cooked meal for dinner! Work hours was from 8 to 5 which didn't leave me much time for visits around especially as winter got closer and the days shorter, but there's still 2 days off per week which we can arrange however we like so that was enough to have a look around and enjoy the park's activities. Thanks a lot to the whole team and the rangers for this beautiful opportunity to get close to some of the earth's weirdest, fluffiest, cutest and funniest animals!
Most Workaway volunteers would work 5 hours per day 5 days per week for 2 weeks or more. Workaway Volunteers can make different arrangements with us, but only if they want to, e.g. Martin worked longer days over a shorter period.


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