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Eastern Tiger Snake - Notechis scutatus

This snake usually grows up to approx. 1.2-1.6m however they have been recorded at over 2m. The Eastern Tiger Snake is common in mountainous areas and the west of Sydney but are found in coastal areas also. It prefers grassy areas near water however is found well away from water. This snake is shy and will flee if given the chance to however if it feels threatened and has no way of escaping it will bite. These snakes are classed as highly venomous and dangerous.

The Eastern Tiger Snake is light brown to greyish in colour and sometimes even olive in colour with paler cross bands. Its underparts are cream to yellow in colour.

This species has many similar species such as a juvenile Eastern Brown Snake. It can be distinguished from this species by the absence of a black patch on the back of its head.

The Common Tree Snake is too similar and can be distinguished by its not distinct head that is kept low with a body that is heavy set with no side to side, waving motion. It also has no blue in between its scales.


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