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Bed-in-the-Bush Kids' Groups Camping

scouts australiaSpecial for Scouts and Guides Groups

Overnight: Camp-Out Program

Food, tents, and ranger-led nocturnal program included

Sunday through Thursday night (excludes night before Public Holiday):
$1155 for up to 15 people (children and adults)
More than 15 people, $77 per person

Friday and Saturday night and the night before a Public Holiday:
Extra $11 per person

Ranger-led program includes:

  • Hands-on interaction with a whole lot of Australia's weird and wonderful spiky, scaley, feathery and furry creatures
  • Nocturnal bush walk, spotlighting for night animals along the tracks
  • Boomerang throwing, ochre face-painting and bush tucker and bush medicine walkabout workshop
  • Lasagne dinner
  • Toasting marshmallows and Dreamtime stories around the campfire (except when total fireban)
  • "Spider-proof snake-proof" tents that sleep up to 5 kids, or 4 adults, comfortably
  • Arrival time Day 1 is between 5pm and 5:30pm
  • All day access to Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park on Day 2
  • Note showers are NOT usually available for kids' groups "Bed in the Bush"

All you have to bring is:

Sleeping gear, cameras, torches and spare batteries

Day visit only, not staying overnight...

Day Trips: Half- and Full-day Programs

Whether you are looking for a fun outing or for something more structured (but just as much fun), we can put a programme together specially for you.

You can use our online enquiry form to make your planning easier.

From "Littlies" to Adults
Badge Workshops
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Walkabout Park is a real working environmental sanctuary

One hundred and seventy acres of old growth bush

Friendly wildlife roaming free

Aboriginal art and shelter sites

Bush tucker and bush medicine growing along the tracks

Knowledgeable rangers

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