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Garden Wolf Spider - Lycosa godeffroyi

If ever there was a pretty spider, this guy is it! This large spider is patterned in shades of orange/brown, grey and black with bands on its carapace. The male is larger than the female at 35mm and the female at 20mm long. They are found throughout New South Wales.

Interesting Facts

This spider is not aggressive, but if threatened it can give a painful bite sometimes causing infection. However, no human deaths have been recorded from this beautiful spider.

This spider lives in a burrow without a lid. It makes a fence-like web around the entrance. It is an active hunter, leaving the web and seeking out its prey.

It prefers a habitat of woodland with sandy soil so that making a burrow is easy.

It is nocturnal, relying on its strength, speed and good eyesight to capture its prey of crickets, spiders and other insects.

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