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    Wildlife photography & other recording rights

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    You are welcome to take as many photos as you like at Walkabout Park for your personal enjoyment.

    Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park retains all ownership rights, including publishing and financial rights, to all photos, video, film and sound recorded at Walkabout Park.

    Your personal memories

    You are welcome to take photos and videos at Walkabout Park for your personal enjoyment and to share with family and friends, as long as these recordings are not offensive or in any way harmful to Walkabout Park's reputation, and Walkabout Park is satisfied that they are respectful to the animals, staff and visitors.

    We ask only that you always acknowledge that your photos and videos were recorded at Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park.

    The Walkabout Park website

    We would love to showcase some of your photos or videos on our website or brochures.

    If you have photos of your experience at Walkabout Park and you are happy for us to use them, please send them to us. We will be happy to acknowledge you as the photoprapher, so just let us know.

    Commercial rights

    You may not use photos, video, film or sound recorded at Walkabout Park for any commercial purpose whatsoever, unless you first get written permission from Walkabout Park for you to do so.

    Maintaining Walkabout Park, the animals, the bush and the facilities, is very expensive. We do not get any government or other financial assistance to cover our operating costs. If you receive any kind of gain (financial or otherwise) from photos, video, film or sound recorded at Walkabout Park, we believe it is fair that we should share in that gain to help fund our conservation work.

    Therefore, we retain all rights to all photos, video, film and sound recorded at Walkabout Park. The only exception is where you have entered into a written contract with Walkabout Park whereby we transfer all or part of these rights to you.

    Please email or phone us as we will be happy to work with you to agree terms of use and rights.


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