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While we're all learning how to do "emu social distancing", we've made some changes to our daily program.

Our Rangers are always roving, ready to answer your questions and to help you to find your way around.

NOTE: Such is the nature of a wildlife sanctuary, things can happen 'on the day' which are unplanned and unexepected, so every time you visit, there are likely to be different things going on.

Ranger-led animal encounters throughout the day are included with your Entry Ticket. If you'd like to do something extra, sign up for a Speed Date or Private Ranger Tour.


Ranger-led animal encounters included with your Entry Ticket:


You're welcome to take your map and head out along the Animal Loop to say "good morning" to the animals and the rangers as they go about their morning work. Or explore the bush tracks! Our first scheduled ranger-led encounter is at 10:00, but you're welcome to explore until then. The animals are always happy to see you.

10:00 Emu & Kangaroo Roundup gathering for their morning scatter feed (we never hand feed our wild animals, that's why they are so gentle with people)

10:30 Brunch for Waffles the (not so) miniature Pig

11:00 Snakes, Lizards &Turtles - meet the reptiles at the Display Area

11:30 Boomerang Throwing - meet at the Boomerang Field

12:15 Dingoes - head over to the Dingo Camp to see what Malloo & Maliki are getting up to 

1:00 Emu & Kangaroo Roundup 

1:45  Koalas Gumnut, Arnold & Dobby

2:15 Meerkats meet "Xhosa" and family 

3:00 Cockatoos, Backyard Birds meet Dexter the Demented Cockatoo, Frankie the Tawny Frogmouth, and their friends

3:30 Tasmanian devil - it's feeding time for "Bucky"

4:00 Kangaroos & Emus gather for their afternoon scatter feed (we never hand feed our wild animals, that's why they are so gentle with people)



Thank you for caring!

Our animals need your help. Their home, our sanctuary, is funded by you. Without your support, we could not do what we do. When you buy a ticket to visit or for a personal experience, 100% of what you pay is spent on our conservation work.

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