Daily Ranger-led Activities

Your admission price includes this full schedule of Daily Ranger-led Activites - there's no extra to pay.

NOTE: Such is the nature of a wildlife sanctuary, things can happen 'on the day' which might make it necessary that we change the program.

What's on at Walkabout Park

09:30 Meet "Waffles" the Pig

10:00 Emus & Kangaroos

10:30 Dingo Encounter

11:00 "Tonka" the Teenage Wombat

11:30 Boomerang Throwing

12:00 "Kambala" Koala

12:30 Pat a Python

  1:00 Echidna Encounter

  1:30 Bush Tucker Walkabout

  2:00 Cockatoo Encounter

  2:30 "Gumnut" Koala

  3:00 "Ally" the Wombat

  3:30 Devil Encounter

  4:00 Kangaroos & Emus

  4:30 Flying Fox Feed Time

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