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While we're all learning how to do "emu social distancing", we've made some changes to our daily program.

Our Rangers are always roving, ready to answer your questions and help you to find your way around.

NOTE: Such is the nature of a wildlife sanctuary, things can happen 'on the day' which are unplanned and unexepected, so every time you visit, there are likely to be different things going on.

Some of the animals' schedules - we may not be doing "encounters" but the animals still have their routines!

  9:30 "Waffles" the Pig has his breakfast

10:00 Emus & Kangaroos gathering for their morning scatter feed

10:30 Dingoes have their morning walk

11:00 "Tonka" the Teenage Wombat's enclosure is getting serviced

  2:30 "Gumnut" Koala's gum leaves are changed

  3:30 Tasmanian devil feeding time

  4:00 Kangaroos & Emus gather for their afternoon scatter feed

  4:30 Flying Foxes start to wake up

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