Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park ~ Phone: (02) 43751100
Our Address ~ 1 Darkinjung Road, cnr Peats Ridge Road, Calga NSW, Australia 2250 ~

    Covid-19 Updates

    COVID 19

    We reopened 11 October and we are now open EVERY DAY.

    We have made some changes to keep everyone safe. To help us and each other, please...

    1: It will be a huge help if you buy your tickets online before you get here to avoid crowding at reception when you arrive - HOWEVER - if you can't buy online don't worry, you can still buy them when you arrive.

    2: Phone us on (02) 43751100 if you want us to help you with your ticket purchase.

    3: Keep MORE THAN 1-emu-length apart. We've got 80 acres so there's lots of space for you to spread out.

    4: If you have a cold or you're not well, please postpone your visit. We'll change your ticket date to when you are feeling better.

    5: We wear masks indoors, and outdoors if we can't stay 1-emu-length apart.

    6: If you're concerned about anything when you are here, please tell us so that we can deal with it.

    7: Although checking in may be optional, we highly recommend it. 


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