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ALL NSW Service Vouchers accepted:
Discover (value $25), Dine (value $25), Parent (value $50), Stay (value $50)

Yes we do accept ALL Service NSW Vouchers!

Just bring them with you when you visit. We can redeem them on the spot. We will then discount your purchases to the value of the vouchers. Or, if you have already booked and paid online, we will refund the value of the vouchers to you.
You can use vouchers to pay for Entry tickets, Speed Dates, Personal Ranger time, shop purchases, accommodation in an eco-cabin or safari tent, private tours, and even an Annual Pass

We can redeem as many Parent and Stay Vouchers as you like. There is no limit to how many can be redeemed in one day.

We can redeem 1x Discover and 1x Dine Voucher per NSW Service account per day (if you and your family/friends each have your own NSW Service accounts, you can each redeem your vouchers, we don't limit the number of vouchers per booking.

Just bring your vouchers with you and redeem them on arrival when you are purchasing your tickets at reception.

Or you can phone us on (02) 43751100 to redeem them over the phone when making your Wild Sleep Out booking.

Yes we are open EVERY day - from 9:30 to 5pm

You choose - buy online or when you arrive.

Don't worry if you can't use your ticket because of covid, phone us and we'll change the booking date for you.

And keep following our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/walkaboutwildlife.

Thanks for helping us to keep doing what we do for the animals and environment. Keep keeping safe everyone!

Yes, we have a covid plan, and yes, we do use it.

We have added to our procedures to keep everyone safe. To help us and each other, please...

1: Although we prefer it if you buy your tickets online before you get here to avoid crowding, you can buy your tickets when you arrive.

2: Phone us on (02) 43751100 if you want us to help you with your ticket purchase.

3: Keep MORE THAN 1 emu length apart. We've got 80 acres so there's lots of space for you to spread out.

4: If you have a cold or you're not well, please postpone your visit. We'll change your ticket date to when you are feeling better.

5: You do not have to wear a mask - indoors or outdoors - but we do ask that, if you are in a situation when you are close to others e.g. if you are gathering close together for an animal encounter, that you do wear a mask in those situations.

6: If you're concerned about anything when you are here, please tell us so that we can deal with it.

Our animals need you

Nov to May 2020 BUSHFIRES, STORMS, then COVID: Closed for 5 weeks to evacuate our animals to safety and to defend the sanctuary against spot fires; Closed for 2 weeks to repair storm damage; Closed for 2 months while we all worked to flatten the covid curve.

Since June 2020: Our main source of revenue for our animals' upkeep, our international residential pre-veterinary school and international student eco-volunteers, unable to visit Australia. Although we are open to the public  and our wonderful local community is visiting and trying to help, our income is stilld down 70%+ with no overseas visitors.

After October 2021: As financial aid progressively decreases then falls away, we're paying our staff what we can afford. We had a plan to reduce workload so we can live within our means, but our amazing ranger team refuses to give up, and every one is filling in the gaps with volunteer days. No-one is prepared to compromise on the animals' care. So now even our (previously) paid staff are volunteers.

Click this photo to help save his home and his friends...

Save Our Wildlife Park

Helping wildlife


Visit a real working wildlife sanctuary.

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Walkabout Park was established to protect animals that come into care, breed endangered animals for release back into the wild and to provide an experiential learning space for students. This is a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the animals' world and understand why and how to save their homes, food and wildlife corridors. Walkabout Park is on Darkinjung and Guringai land in a rich Aboriginal landscape. Ancient knowledge teaches how to care for country. Animals can look after themselves, as long as their habitat is healthy. Sadly, it is the actions of people that pose the most risk to wild habitat.


Walkabout Park is fun!

koala cartoonA fun and fascinating place to visit for all ages and abilities. Few things beat a day (or, even better, overnight) in the Australian bush with friendly animals. A zoo license allows the team to give permanent care to the animals so that they can live out their lives in the sanctuary if they cannot go back into the wild. That is where the similarities with conventional zoos end. Step into the animals' world and go walkabout with the friendliest wild wildlife in Australia.

  • Choose TAB "Daytime Visits" or "Night Visits" or "Kids' Activities" or "Videos"

    shoulder possum

    Open Every Day

    Lots of animals roaming free, visit ancient Aboriginal sites. No booking needed. 9am to 5pm every day (except Christmas Day). Ranger-led activities from 10am to 4pm included in Entry Fee.

    Daily Activities


    Personal Ranger

    A wonderful experience, hire your own ranger. With your own ranger you can go behind the scenes and off the tracks. Enjoy some special animal one-on-one time, or private bush lessons.

    Speed Date or Personal Ranger

    dancing kids

    Private Groups

    A ranger-led adventure with your choice of activities. Tailored to your interests, energy level and budget. Coffee with the animals, an easy bush walk, or something more strenous. Short visits, or stay all day.

    Tailored Group Tours

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    Team up with a ranger and be a "Ranger for a Day". This is not a soft option, this is the real thing. Arrive ready for a real day's work. Bring your camera and water bottle. For adults and teenagers only.

    Be a Ranger for a Day

  • Choose TAB "Daytime Visits" or "Night Visits" or "Kids' Activities" or "Videos"

    peeking bilby

    Wild Night Out
    then home

    An evening with the animals. Go spotlighting for wildlife with your ranger. Play tug-of-war with the devils. Toast marshmallows on the campfire (weather permitting). Bring a picnic, good walking shoes, and a flashlight!

    Wild Night Out


    Wild Sleep Out
    safari tent

    So much more special than a night in a zoo. Sleep safe in the real Aussie bush. "Do your own thing", or join a ranger-led tour. Go wildlife spotlighting. Visit Aboriginal sites and taste wild-growing bush tucker.

    Wild Sleep Out - Campsite


    Wild Sleep Out

    If you like your wildlife with a little luxury. Hire an eco-cabin for the night with linen, towels, kitchen and ensuite. Create your own adventure. Add ranger-led animal encounters or Aboriginal sites walkabout workshops.

    Wild Sleep Out - Cabin

    python girl

    Group Eco-education

    Get close to Country. Work with the rangers. Meet friendly wildlife. Sleep under the Milky Way. Learn Aboriginal lore about how to live in harmony with the world, ancient teachings still relevant today. 

    Eco-Ed - Share House

  • Choose TAB "Daytime Visits" or "Night Visits" or "Kids' Activities" or "Videos"

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    Birthdays Parties

    Celebrate with a ranger-led animal adventure in the bush. Great for all ages. Choose a "Fuzzy Friends", "Reptile Rampage" or "Wild Walkabout" adventure with your own personal ranger.

    Childrens Birthday Parties

    kola adele

    Vacation Care

    School holiday fun for groups of 15 or more. Ranger-led walkabout workshops "Spikes, Scales, Feathers and Fur" and "Aboriginal Bush Skills". Choose one or both modules. Designed for ages 4 to 14.

    School Holiday Workshops

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    Scouts & Guides

    Day visits or "Bed-in-the-Bush". Lessons from the bush. A safe bush adventure. Bush walks, Aboriginal sites, Dreamtime stories, friendly wildlife. Do badge work, jamborees and scout camps.

    Excursions & Badgework

    DingoesX2ISV th

    Schools & Camps

    Excursions. Incursions. Bed-in-the-Bush. Syllabus-based workshops. Animals, Aboriginal and conservation modules. Tell us what you're doing in the classroom. (Click "Schools" above for options)

    Primary Schools

  • who we are

    Who We Are

    Situated less than an hours drive north of Sydney

    Once you enter the park gates, it’s easy to see why Lonely Planet named Walkabout Park as one of the top ten best family friendly animal adventures in the world.

    Over 180 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs call Walkabout Park home.
    Many of these animals are species on the verge of extinction, but here within the park walls, protected from introduced dangers, they are thriving!

    You never know who you will meet

    Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park is Australia’s largest working wildlife sanctuary.

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    Need more cute in your day?

    Kambala the Koala

    Check out our Instagram @walkaboutpark

    Check out our Instagram for more adorable posts - like this photo of Ranger Ray and beautiful Kambala the koala!


    You never know who you will meet


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    Wild Sleep Out 

    An overnight bush adventure for everyone, with friendly animals, optional animal encounters and Aboriginal cultural tours, and all day access to the sanctuary.

    Share-house for groups

    Eco-education in the wild. Work with the animals in the bush with the rangers. Learn about Aboriginal culture.

    Comfortable camping

    Your tent is set up ready for you, hot showers are close by, and the wildlife wanders through the campsite. 

    Cottages with a little luxury

    Choose a cottage with en suite, and everything supplied. Relax on your veranda with the kangaroos.

    More info and how to book

    Click on "Night Visits" above to plan your adventure, or go straight to "Book Online" if you know what you want.


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