Wild Walkabout - Virtual Visit

Put on your hiking boots, step through your screen, and join us on a Wild Walkabout in the Australian bush. OK, we know, it is a virtual tour so footwear is optional. But in the world of a ranger, everyone wears boots!

Wherever you are in the world, we're just inside your screen. Our gates might be closed, but the animals and rangers are still here every day and we would love to take you on a Wild Walkabout.

Our sanctuary is set in 80 acres of fox-proofed natural bushland, so there's lots to see and so much to do. You choose your adventure. You choose the time. We'll meet at your place, then together we will step through your screen and into Australia's wide world of wildlife.

Heritage Listed to protect Calga's sacred cultural landscape. On Lonely Planet's list of "World's top 10 things to do with Animals. There are so many reasons to visit our wildlife sanctuary. 

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#1 in Australia, #8 in the world

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