Spend some special up-close-and-personal time with one of our amazing animals.

For an extra special experience, hire your own Personal Ranger, or book in for a Speed Date.

Meet your Personal Ranger

Your ranger can take you behind the scenes and off the tracks. Enjoy some private animal one-on-one time, or a private workshop to learn about the Australian bush, or your ranger can take you to visit the ancient Aboriginal sites.

Set up a Speed Date

Your “Speed Date” is 10 very special minutes getting to know your favourite animal.

Meet an echidna, or a python, or a koala, or a bilby, or another of their furry, feathery, spiky or scaly friends.


These rates are in addition to your Gate Entry or Wild Sleep Out fee.

Speed date tickets range from $30 to $60 (for 1 or 2 people) depending on which animal you would like to meet. If there are more than 2 of you, you can add extra guests for 50% per person of the ticket price.

Click here and choose the day you want to visit, to see which animals will be available to meet you on the day.

We do limit numbers depending on the animal and what they enjoy – some of our animals love lots of company, while others prefer to meet with just a few people. The number limits are there to make sure that the animals enjoy their speed dates just as much as you do.

Making sure our animals are happy and not stressed is always our number one priority.


Pre-booking is usually required. However, if you want to engage a private ranger or to arrange a speed date and you haven’t pre-booked, ask us. Depending on their workload on the day, there may be a ranger available.