Our animals need you now

Our animals need your help!

BUSHFIRES: We were closed with no income and supporting our animals in temporary care offsite from 15 November 2019 when we evacuated our animals to safety while the mega-fires were burning close to our fence-line.  It was 5 weeks before we were declared “safe” and we were able to start bringing animals home.

COVID-19 (China): We got hit early, in January 2020 when we hadn’t fully reopened after the bushfires. Our 2-month season for residential Chinese students closed after just 1 week as students had to return to China when COVID-19 hit their home cities.

STORMS: While we were trying to understand how (if) COVID would affect us, we got slammed by storms that left us closed for 1 week as we repaired the damage and made our sanctuary safe again for animals and people.

COVID-19 (UK, Europe): Our 4-month season for residential program for eco-volunteers from the Northern Hemisphere was shut down after only 4 weeks as COVID spread to the rest of the world.

COVID-19 (USA): Our 3-month season for residential Veterinary Student Training was cancelled.

LOCKDOWN #1: Apr-May 2020. LOCKDOWN #2: Jun-Oct 2021. INTERNATIONAL BORDERS CLOSURES: Income at 35% of pre-covid levels. CLOSE-CONTACT ISOLATIONS: Ongoing on average staffing at 65% of needed numbers. But our amazing ranger team refuses to give up, and every one is filling in the gaps. No-one is prepared to compromise on the animals’ care. When we run out of income, our paid staff have continued as volunteers. We’ve been open again since 11 October 2021, and hugely appreciate our guests returning to support our work.  It is good to be starting to pay our own way again! Thank you everyone. Please keep visiting our wildlife sanctuary – that’s what funds our work and keeps us going.