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for COVID-19 updates.

Yes we are OPEN again!

Our team - animals and rangers - have missed you. We're so excited that you'll be back soon. We're working flat out to make sure we're ready for you when you get here.
We have made some changes to keep everyone safe. To help us and each other, please...

1: It will be a huge help if you buy your tickets online before you get here to avoid crowding at reception when you arrive.

2: Phone us on (02) 43751100 if you want us to help you with your ticket purchase.

3: Keep MORE THAN 1 emu length apart. We've got 80 acres so there's lots of space for you to spread out.

4: If you have a cold or you're not well, please postpone your visit. We'll change your ticket date to when you are feeling better.

5: We will have roving rangers around the "animal loop" to answer your questions and keep things clean and sanitised.

6: If you're concerned about anything when you are here, please tell us so that we can deal with it.

Click here for Covid-19 updates


to book your tickets online.


A Speed Date with your Favourite Animal

green snake

Some special up close and personal time with one of our amazing animals.


Speed Date


These rates are in addition to your Gate Entry or Wild Sleep Out fee.

For a Speed Date, add $45 for up to 3 friends. If there are more than 3 of you, you can add extra people for $15 each.


Pre-booking is usually required. However, if you want your own ranger and you haven't pre-booked, ask us. Depending on their workload on the day, there may be a ranger available.


On your "Speed Date" you can spend 10 minutes getting up close and personal with your favourite animal.

Get to know an echidna, or a bandicoot, or a koala, or a dingo, or another of their friends.


Personal Ranger Hire

If you want some special time with more than one animal, you may prefer to book an hour (or more) with a personal ranger. 

For Personal Ranger Hire, add $135 per hour for up to 3 friends. If there are more than 3 of you, you can add extra people for $45 each.


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Yes we are OPEN again


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