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    Eco-Education Volunteer Groups

    4 Night Residential Program

    Combine Eco-Education and Volunteering with Overnight Bush Adventures

    Ideal for groups who want to experience Australia and Connect with Country, living and working in the bush with friendly Australian wildlife.


    The program includes broad categories and times (morning, afternoon, evening) so you can engage in the activities in some depth. Each activity is an opportunity to explore Aboriginal connection with country (land, wildlife, bush, water, other mobs, the seasons and sky) and how and why this worked for so many thousands of years, and how this living culture is being re-awakened and reclaimed.


    Members of the Walkabout Park team have been taught by local Aboriginal elders, and given permission to share this knowledge with you. The importance of knowledge ownership is a key premise that your ranger will explore with you. You will look across various concepts from a contemporary anthropological perspective to better understand their relevance today.


    The program includes a visit by an Aboriginal knowledge-holder, usually on the last night, but the timing would depend on their availability. Depending on who the elder is, they might do a Smoking Ceremony, or teach dance, or show how to paint up with ochre, or play the didgeridoo, or some combination of these.


    Can be adjusted to suit arrival and departure times, and your group's special interests

    Day 1 

    ARRIVE before lunch


    Welcome & Orientation Activities: Walkabout Tour of the Wildlife Sanctuary

    1st night

    Cultural Activities: Sunset Aboriginal Sites Walk

    Day 2 

    Animal Activities: Live a day in the life of the Rangers


    Animal Activities: Live a day in the life of the Rangers

    2nd night

    Wildlife Activities: Wildlife Spotlighting

    Day 3 

    Eco-conservation Activities: Work Project


    Cultural Activities: Boomerangs, Aboriginal Tools, Bush tucker & Bush medicine

    3rd night

    Free evening: Opportunity to explore the sanctuary by moonlight

    Day 4 

    Eco-conservation Activities: Work Project


    Cultural Activities: Emu feather weaving, Boomerang painting, Didgeridoo & Clap-sticks, Yarn about cultural concepts

    4th night

    Final Night: Campfire under the Aboriginal Sky, Stories of the Dreaming

    Day 5

    DEPART after breakfast


    Walkabout Park will

    1. Provide clear instructions and work with the participants to ensure everyone understands these
    2. Provide a ranger to lead program activities
    3. Explain all house and activity rules
    4. Explain how to appropriately dress for work and activities
    5. Provide support and advice, and resolve day-to-day issues that may arise
    6. Get approval from Group Leader if participants request services that incur additional cost

    The Leader of your Group will

    1. Ensure participants have full travel insurance
    2. Ensure participants know they must have one small suitcase or backpack [see IMPORTANT: SUITCASES]
    3. Ensure participants arrive with everything they need for their program [see PACKING LIST]
    4. Ensure participants are ready on time for work and activities
    5. Deal with any situations where participants persist in not following house and safety rules
    6. Be available to assist with any issues arising throughout the program
    7. Arrange for payment for additional services supplied by Walkabout Park
    8. At least 1 week prior to arrival, give Walkabout Park a list of each participant’s name, age, sex, status (student or leader), special diet requirements, health problems and allergies



    • All gear for the program must be packed in one SMALL suitcase or backpack (maximum size “aeroplane cabin luggage” size)
    • LARGE suitcases will be stored in a separate building and will not be accessible during program

    Bring with you

    • 1 small suitcase or backpack containing all gear for the program [see IMPORTANT: SUITCASES]
    • 1 pair boots – work boots or waterproof hiking boots (comfortable walking shoes are NOT sufficient)
    • 4 pairs socks – thick hiking socks at least calf length (NOT thin cotton ankle length socks)
    • 2 pairs long pants – full length, heavy cotton or canvas, loose fitting (NOT stretch leggings, NOT shorts)
    • 4 shirts – short or long sleeved but must be full coverage (must cover shoulders, stomach, back and chest when reaching up or bending down)
    • 1 warm jacket – light weight and easy to work in, recommend fleece
    • personal medical supplies and toiletries
    • mobile phone and charger

    Either bring with you, or purchase at gift shop

    • hat or cap – participants accept that hats or caps MUST be worn
    • raincoat or rain poncho – must cover down to mid thigh, or pull on rain pants with a shorter jacket
    • water bottle – 1 litre or bigger
    • insect repellent – strength 40% Deet or higher (lower strengths do not work against Australian insects)
    • sunscreen – 30+ protection or higher
    • flashlight and (for campers) interior tent lights – most students use their mobile phone lights
    • international power adapter plug for use in Australia



    Large share house nestled inside the wildlife sanctuary.
    Communal kitchen, large lounge, veranda overlooking the bush.
    7 spacious rooms of varying sizes with double bunks sleeping from 2 to 9 people in each.
    Showers and toilets.
    Additional outdoor ablutions block for larger groups.


    What IS included

    • Day 1: Lunch, Dinner, Refreshments
    • Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Refreshments
    • Day 3: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Refreshments
    • Day 4: Breakfast

    Participant duties

    • Set table for meals
    • Help to clean common areas (kitchen, lounge room, veranda)
    • Empty bins


    What IS included

    • Refreshments: Noodles, Fruit, Fruit cordial, Tea, Coffee, Milk
    • Breakfast: e.g. Cereal, Bread/Toast, Cheese, Yoghurt
    • Lunch: e.g. Wraps / Pizza / Savoury Pies / Sandwiches / Sausage Sizzle
    • Dinner: e.g. Beef, Roo Burgers / Spaghetti Bolognese / Chicken Wings or Ribs, Vegetable bake / Lasagne, Salad / Rice Stir Fry
    • Vegetarian options for all meals if advised prior
    • Peanut-free house if advised prior

    What’s NOT included

    • Snacks and treats (available to purchase from gift shop)

    Optional extras

    • Other diet requests such as vegan and gluten free (there may be an extra fee, talk to us when you book)


    What IS included

    • Towels / Shower mats changed daily
    • Bedding (sheet, duvet, pillow)
    • Extra blankets on request

    What’s NOT included

    • Participants do their own laundry, optional use of  coin operated machines ($4 per wash), or free hand washing
    • Participants empty their own room bins, and wipe down shower and hand basin after each use


    What IS included

    • Transport is not included

    Optional extras

    • Trips to Gosford or Erina Shopping Centre subject to availability (there will be an extra fee)


    What IS included

    • First Aid kit
    • Safety goggles, work gloves, tools

    What’s NOT included

    • Medical treatment and medications (paracetamol and ibuprofen available for purchase at gift shop)


    What IS included

    • Internet for Social Media and other basic internet services e.g. email and web search lookups

    What’s NOT included

    • Bandwidth for large data downloads e.g. movies, videos (internet may slow down or go offline)

    Alcohol policy

    No alcohol is allowed on this program.


    Eco-Volunteer Groups Overnight ~ Pricing

    2018 Rates for Standard Program

    $7,000 for up to 10 participants

    $700 per additional participant

    Up to 35 participants

    Booking and payment policy

    Bookings are essential, and may be made by email () or telephone (02) 4375 1100. Full payment must be made at the time of booking.

    Cancellation policy & Terms & Conditions

    100% Cancellation fee applies on all bookings. For late arrivals or last minute bookings please contact (02) 4375 1100. A current credit card plus photo ID must be produced on check in.

    Download helpful forms & information

    WSO Terms & Conditions

    WSO Payment Options Form

    WSO Guest Check-In Registration Form

    Map of Walkabout Park

    Safety for humans and animals


    For more information

    Ph: (02) 4375 1100

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