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Positions for school students enrolled at TAFE

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Aspiring to be a Park Ranger, Zoo Keeper or Vet

If you are looking to gain experience to prepare you for a career caring for wildife and other animals...

Walkabout Wildlife Conservation Foundation (WWCF)

Walkabout Park internships are offered through the separate but supportive not-for-profit organisation WWCF. WWCF's purpose is ecological and cultural conservation in Calga on Australia's NSW Central Coast. WWCF supports Walkabout Park's conservation efforts in a number of ways, including the provision of volunteer workers. In exchange, Walkabout Park provides WWCF volunteers with practical hands-on training and experience in various conservation areas, from wildlife conservation to eco-educational-tourism.

Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park (Walkabout Park)

Walkabout Park is a unique wildlife sanctuary on 80 acres of natural bush with ancient Aboriginal sites, just off the M1 at Calga where the Sydney and NSW Central Coast borders meet.

The Walkabout Park team provides various levels of care for different animals depending on their captive status and level of humanisation.

Completely wild animals live independently in the fox-proofed bush; semi-wild macropods and emus require a certain amount of monitoring and ranger intervention; human-dependant animals in naturalistic camps require a balance of maintaining natural features of their environment while tending to their daily needs; farm animals as introduced species require close management; and small reptiles and mammals in fully artificial enclosures require the highest level of attention.

Traineeship Content

School students who are also enrolled at TAFE studying Animal Studies or Primary Industries may apply to Walkabout Park to join our junior trainees' volunteer program.

As a trainee, you are given the opportunity to learn how to perform all aspects of animal husbandry and habitat management for over 60 species of Australian native and small farm animals, do presentations for visitors on the animals, the bush and local Aboriginal history, and keep the visitor facilities clean and well presented.

Unlike many other parks and zoos, Walkabout Park does not limit volunteers to only a subset of routine tasks. All trainees will focus on the basic routines of the job to start with but, as they develop, all trainees do get the opportunity to work on all other aspects of husbandry and visitor education.

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria

  • Be in year 10 or higher at school and have parent and teacher support for your application.
  • Current enrollment in Certificate II or higher in Captive Animal Care, or in Primary Industries.
  • Significant experience taking care of animals in a commercial or agricultural setting.
  • A high level of physical fitness to perform physically demanding work in all weather conditions.
  • Commitment to at least 1 full day every week, and additional shifts in school holidays.
  • A reliable arrangement to get to work on time for all rostered shifts.
  • Prepared to purchase and wear a Walkabout Park uniform.

Volunteer Application Form

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